What is a Periodontist

It’s a big word for a doctor who treats one of the smallest parts of the body (the gums)

Pronounced: [perr] + [ee] + [oh] + [DON] + [tist]

Derived from Greek words: peri= around + Odont= Tooth

Why Choose Us

Leave with fresh breath

Gum disease can be detected by bad breath. You might have fresh breath after periodontal therapy by reducing foul breath.

Receive a great smile

Gums play a crucial role in how your smile looks. Your gums may bleed and swell as a result of gum disease, which may make it difficult for you to smile.

Prevent health issues

General health may be learned from your oral health. We will be able to identify any potential health problems through periodontal therapy.

Relief from pain

Cleaning or flossing your teeth, can make you feel uncomfortable. Gum disease symptoms may improve with periodontal therapy.

Our Services

We ensure that our patients become apart of our family. As dental specialist treatment may often be overwhelming, we take it upon ourselves to see that all aspects of diagnosis and treatment planning are fully explained and understood and that the patient is comfortable as treatment progresses.


Latest techniques for diagnosing and treating periodontal disease


Diagnosis and management of oral disease


Provide the patient with optimal aesthetics and function

Our Team

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